Planning is the balance of market demand, cost control, and zoning approval. As jurisdictional staffs and zoning processes along Colorado's front range continue to become more sophisticated, opportunities are available to those developments displaying innovation, creativity, and refinement.

CivilArts provides conceptual & detailed planning and design of residential and commercial development in support of civil engineering and surveying services. We strive to maximize the return to the developer while providing a convenient and comfortable environment for people to live and work.

We believe successful Planning requires the combination of many disciplines and considerations: market astuteness, political reality, architectural & landscape design, civil engineering, and environmental awareness. CivilArts works with the jurisdictions and the client to create an effective plan and can combine our expertise with other professionals in a multitude of ways.

Planning Services:

  • • Master Planning in Support of Engineering & Surveying Services
  • • Annexation
  • • Zoning
  • • Oil & Gas Surface Use Agreements
  • • Jurisdictional Agreements
  • • Improvement Districts
  • • Regional Infrastructure
  • • Due Diligence for Land Acquisition
  • • Single-Family Residential
  • • Multi-Family Residential
  • • Commercial Development
  • • Land Lease Communities
  • • Manufactured Housing
  • • Modular Housing