Surveying is the foundation of land acquisition and development, which is why CivilArts places considerable emphasis on getting it right the first time.

CivilArts surveying services support land acquisition, engineering, architectural design, and construction. We provide considerable expertise with complicated title issues and furnish the highest level of detail with our mapping products. We extensively utilize state-of-the-art RTK GPS (Real Time Kinematic Global Positioning System) technology for all levels of data collection and staking.

Our senior professional surveyors have a combined 60 years of experience and the ability to handle diverse and difficult assignments. Coupled with a large field staff and the latest state-of-the-art technology, the company can perform projects of any size and scope.

CivilArts emphasizes thorough and high quality map-making. Our maps not only reflect the results of the survey on the ground, they report any assumptions made to determine the position of the boundary lines, any conflicts, and other important facts. We adhere to a strict set of drafting guidelines to provide optimal clarity.

CivilArts staff is uniquely qualified in geodesy and can provide the management, consulting, field observation, and data processing to establish high order geodetic networks for municipal and county wide GIS applications.

Surveying Services:

  • • Boundary Surveys
  • • ALTA Surveys
  • • Construction Staking
  • • Building & Site Layout
  • • Detailed Design Mapping
  • • Topographic Mapping
  • • Aerial Mapping
  • • Route Surveys & ROW Mapping
  • • Legal Descriptions & Easements
  • • Subdivision Platting
  • • Annexation Platting
  • • Condominium Platting
  • • Utility Marking / Location / Mapping
  • • Residential Builder Services
  • • Site Plans (Plot Plans)
  • • Improvement Location Certificates
  • • OSHA Environmental Support Surveys
  • • GPS Network Densification for GIS
  • • RTK (Real Time Kinematic) GPS

CivilArts: Development Services for the Communities of the Future