Civil Engineering

Quality Civil Engineering is a cornerstone of the development services CivilArts provides. We not only offer comprehensive design for grading and drainage, utility infrastructure, streets, parking, and platting, we provide innovative solutions through advanced techniques such as Sustainable & Low Impact Design.

At CivilArts, we believe that quality engineering can, and should, involve more than just streets and utilities. We approach engineering as an opportunity to reduce costs while providing a better development by exploring and recommending value-enhancing engineering services like:

Product Sensitive Grading

Adds character to a development, save thousands of dollars of earthwork costs, and adds value to each housing unit for sale.

Value Engineering

Applied to utility system's sizing that can have an impact on individual unit tap fee costs and may save thousands of dollars.

A "Rural-Residential" Theme

Saves the cost of curb/gutter/sidewalk infrastructure and can provide a niche in a unique market.

Sustainable & Low Impact Design green

"Green Design" techniques that protect the environment for future generations, provide amenities to a development, and can reduce development costs while improving marketability.

CivilArts has extensive experience with single and multi-family residential subdivisions and commercial development. However, we offer effective engineering solutions for a wide range of other applications.

Engineering Services:

  • • Single-family Residential Subdivisions
  • • Rural Residential Subdivisions
  • • Apartments, Townhouses, Condominiums
  • • Office Parks
  • • Retail Centers
  • • Light Industrial Campuses
  • • Land Lease Communities
  • • Manufactured Housing
  • • Modular Housing
  • • Municipal Engineering
  • • Special Districts
  • • Grading
  • • Utility Infrastructure
  • • Roads & Parking
  • • Drainage & Flood Control
  • • Remediation of Mining Areas
  • • Sustainable & Low Impact Design

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